The ideal location

Lake Garda

Lake, sun, relaxation and fun. All this is however an understatement, because Lake Garda is so much more. Lake Garda means unplugging from the daily grind, taking a moment to pamper yourself, it means trying new and exciting activities or dedicating yourself to exploring the surroundings. It means enjoying the lake, good food and fun. Lake Garda means unique holidays.

A short distance from the residence is the splendid village of Limone del Garda, a unique small town for several reasons. First of all for the typical village charm that Limone also has. It is also renowned for the lemons that grow there, making it one of the northernmost places to grow them. Its olive oil is also particularly appreciated, but what attracts thousands of tourists every year is certainly the unique panorama that can be enjoyed from the town.

Why limit yourself only to Lake Garda? If your stay allows you, why not take advantage of the proximity to timeless places like Venice or Verona? Verona is just an hour and a half away by car, a magnificent city, especially during the Arena opera season. Venice, on the other hand, is the city of love par excellence. It needs no introduction and is easily accessible by train from Venice.

Ask our staff for information on organized trips, we will be happy to assist you in spending an unforgettable holiday!